Cuba L.A.

Saturday, January 13, 2018 - 7:30 p.m.

Tickets: $25.00
Seniors: $20.00

Students: $10.00



Cuba L.A. keeps the soul of Cuban music alive, fueled by the love of their heritage and the exhilaration of musical experimentation. 

Led by Danilo Lozano, flutist, a founding member of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, and musicologist – Cuba L.A. is a dream team of Cuban musicians living in Los Angeles. The band has grown a reputation for percussive and melodic fireworks – poly-rhythmic timbales, congas and bongos provide an unbelievable backdrop to scorching performances on trumpets, flute, piano, and strings.

Cuba L.A. evolves into a sensational, category-defying experience. Coming from Los Angeles “a cultural hub, we’re able to easily bring in so many musical sensibilities to the traditional music – Afro-Cuban, Latin jazz, and dance music…it’s all here, and it’s all a part of Cuban music today,” says Lozano.

Cuba L.A. begins with traditional Cuban Music. Mixing rhythms, forms and instrumentation from different regions of Cuba, the group creates their own lush ensemble sound.

Danilo Lozano is a two-time Grammy Award-winning flautist and music professor. A founding member of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, Lozano is best known for his work with Latin jazz and charanga music. He has performed with some of the greatest artists in the genre, including Celia Cruz, Poncho Sanchez, Latin Side All Stars, Israel Lopez "Cachao," and was a featured artist on the soundtrack for Andy Garcia's film The Lost City. Lozano continues to perform regularly in both Los Angeles and across the country. Last summer, he was a featured artist for the Pasadena Orchestra's Clásica - las raíces de la música concert series and the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival in Idaho. Moreover, he is the creator and host of Inside Latin jazz at Whittier College.

Cuba L.A. is:

Danilo Lozano, Flute
Pablo Mendez, Violin
Luis Eric, Trumpet
Harry Kim, Trumpet
Albert Salas, Piano
Jorge Sawa, Bass
Inocente Alvarez, Bongo and percussion
Victor Barrientos, Timbales
Kevin Ricard, Congas


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