Muriel Anderson & Tierra Negra

with Very Special Guests

When Muriel Anderson and Tierra Negra come to the Shannon Center, there is always the possibility of special guests showing up. Artists that have joined the show in the past include Victor Wooten, Stanley Jordan, Mark Egan, Stu Hamm, and Danny & Beth Gottlieb.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 - 8:00 p.m.

Tickets $25.00
Seniors & Students $20.00

They met in a castle in Germany. Before long they were jamming together and realized there was something special happening...

Germany's famed duo Tierra Negra and America's award-winning guitarist and harp-guitarist Muriel Anderson have found an exciting combination. The joy and passion of Raughi's flamenco guitar, Leo's driving rhythm and Muriel's beautiful melodies merge to create music unlike any other. In first half of the program each present their solo and duo shows that have earned them worldwide praise. In the second half, experience the magic as their music merges together.

QUOTES – “Just one hell of a great player …a great personality and what I like is the touch that Muriel has on the guitar, the way she plays it like we all wish to play." …Les Paul

“Truly great artists, [Tierra Negra] has rhythm with gypsy soul.” …Claude Picasso

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Muriel Anderson

Widely respected as one of the world’s foremost fingerstyle guitarists and harp-guitarists, Muriel Anderson is the first woman to have won the National Fingerpicking Guitar Championship. She is host of the renowned "Muriel Anderson's ALL STAR GUITAR NIGHT®" and founder of the Music for Life Alliance charity. Muriel Anderson has released eight CD's, four DVD’s and guitar books published by Hal Leonard, Mel Bay, and Zen-On Japan. Her music can be heard in Woody Allen’s film “Vicky Cristina Barcelona.” and her “Heartstrings” recording accompanied the astronauts on the space shuttle Discovery. Touring in the USA and internationally year round, Muriel’s obvious joy of music and facility across musical genres is revered by guitarists and audiences worldwide.

Tierra Negra

In the world of modern Flamenco, few artists have attained the heights of Tierra Negra. In fact, so influential are these two German guitarists that they're often cited as the protagonists of Flamenco Nuevo, the new wave. Tierra Negra may infuse their sound with elements of folklore, jazz and even pop, but the theme never strays far from the infectious rhythm and melody of Rumba-Flamenco. Leo Henrichs and Raughi Ebert, Tierra Negra's founding duo, have been performing together for over a decade, They have recorded eight albums, are featured on countless international guitar compilations and films. They have undertaken tours that have seen them alight festivals and concerts throughout Europe and North America. There is persuasiveness in the melody - an infectious groove and genuine passion in Tierra Negra's music. A TIERRA NEGRA live concert is a joyous, passionate and transforming experience for the audience - truly not to be missed.

Muriel Anderson with Tommy Emmanuel


Muriel on Harp Guitar

Tierra Negra

Tierra Negra




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